You Will Never Regret Being Fearless


Recently I appeared in a friend’s YouTube video entitled Dear Teenage Me. One of the things I said in the video was “You will never regret being fearless.”

Boldness seems to me my natural state of being. I think I do a lot of things on a regular basis that would freak a lot of people out. The harder, the bigger, the scarier, the more I want to do it. For example, Public speaking is often rated as a higher fear for the average American than death, and it is probably one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love bridge jumping, roller coasters, and moving far far away from family to go to school, and I don’t know how to not speak my mind.

But there are  things that scare me, like public speaking, bridge jumping, and roller coasters. I was terrified as I looked around at the mountains as I drove in to my new home, and I am often concerned that I should have just kept my opinion to myself.

But there is one thing I fear above all others, and that is fear. That fear will hold me back from being great. So I have developed the habit of dong things that are terrifying on a regular basis. I want to be fearless. I have done quite the array of things in my life, but none of the really out there, crazy, intimidating stuff are things  I regret. Learned from? Yes. Cringe when thinking about them? Yes. Regret? Not one bit.

I am confident because of who I am inside. I have cultivated a person that I actually like. Even more importantly, I am confident because I am at peace with my Heavenly Father. When you know that you are right with the Lord, that will produce a completely unmatched courage within you. The most frightening  of tasks will simply become another adventure.

So I say to you what I said to my teenage self:

You will never regret being fearless.

Oh, and if you would like to watch the video…