Cupcakes, Candice, and Katie


These are my two best friends in the world, Candice and Katie. I’ve lived with them pretty much all through college. Today we went to the magical place that is The Cocoa Bean for cupcakes, and I decided the world needed to know how wonderful they are.

Lets start with Candice, the one on the left. Candice is quiet, short, and adorable in every way possible. Regardless of weather or situation, her choice in footwear always involves some sort of heel. As I type this she is sweeping the kitchen in a pair of four inch thigh high boots. Because of her small and unassuming demeanor, many often think she would be a push over. Do not be fooled. The woman has rejected eight marriage proposals, and should be feared if you ever make her sister cry. She and I will be graduating together and she plans on becoming a PSR worker. If she was to win an award for something, it would probably be for cleanest human ever, or most shockingly snarky.

Kaite, the youngest of five and California native, is one of the most undeniably likable human beings the world has ever known. Seriously, I have never met anyone who doesn’t like her. When talking, she is most likely to start a sentence with “Fun fact…” and then tell you some crazy thing about history, or movies, or the history of movies. Katie possesses unparalleled baking and listening skills. The best is when those two are combined into one, and you tell her your troubles while she makes you homemade brownies with a thick layer of frosting. She graduates in December, and plans on pursuing her masters to become a History Teacher.

I love them dearly, and while am excited to graduate soon, I think these two will be nearly impossible to say goodbye to.

Well, and The Cocoa Bean.