The Lie Coming Out of Conservative America

Recently, we heard Donald Sterling remind us all that racism is alive and well in the United States. Of course his remarks have spurred some comments that go about like this:

“Man, you really can’t say things like that in this day and age.

Really?! Was that last bit necessary? I am so sick of people moaning about living in a politically conscious society, about reverse racism, and the gay agenda. I am sick of this idea that life has become so gosh darn hard for the poor, straight, white man, because no, no it hasn’t. tumblr_m4voijL2cn1r63hf8o1_500

Let me tell you something. None of these people who are claiming to protect civil liberties actually care about them. You don’t get to say you care about civil liberties when you are perfectly happy to stay silent when transgender students are physically and emotionally bullied every day, when you are ok to stay silent about hundreds of people getting stopped and frisked for no more than the color of their skin, or as a 16 year old girl is raped and then turned into a slut by the news. There are starving children, sex trafficking, failing school systems, and countless more examples of truly atrocious things that happen all the time but you are comfortable saying absolutely nothing. BUT HEAVEN FORBID THIS GOOD CHRISTIAN BAKERY HAS TO MAKE A CAKE FOR A GAY COUPLE!

Go ahead, yell about how it’s not fair that a woman was given a job you deserve because of Title IX. Perhaps your rights were being infringed upon. But do not kid yourself into thinking that you are defending civil liberties if you say nothing beyond the scope of your own problems. You are not concerned with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but rather you are concerned with your life, your liberty, and your happiness. You don’t love the constitution and what it stands for; you just love the parts that are convenient for you and your agenda. As my Ethics and Legal Issues professor said today, “If you really believe a principal, you will always apply it, even when it’s hard.”

Perhaps if you are feeling that tinge of injustice, you can take this opportunity to use a little empathy. Maybe you can realize that that touch of marginalization you have felt is what so many people feel every single day. That one experience for you is for countless minority’s an unceasing reality. Maybe it will open your eyes to see the real injustices that happen in the world, and you will understand for just a moment what so many people are screaming about.

By no means do I think that you shouldn’t be able to voice your problems. We should not be so comfortable only speaking about our own issues. We should want to change the whole world, not just our own.

Disclaimer (because I now feel the need to add these to all my posts): I know that there are many people in “Conservative America” that are vocal about many issues. I grew up with very conservative parents who are just as likely to be offended about religious liberties as hate crimes against LGBTQ individuals. I also acknowledge there are those on the other side of the aisle who may do similar things. I chose conservative America as the example because that is what I personally see examples of the most often.