We briefly interrupt this programming… (PLEASE READ)

… to tell you about some new things I’ve added that I hope you all will like!

One is an official Facebook page! You should all head over there an like it. I’ll post all my blog posts there, and I also hope it becomes a place for more discussion.

Two, there is a subscribe by email button over there somewhere. —->

There is also a link to the Facebook page and my Twitter feed. This way you can either like or follow without leaving the page.

Of course all these links can be found on the Social Media tab.

If you go to the About & Hiring page, I’ve added a contact form. If you wanted to suggest a topic, or request to be a guest blogger, you can do so there (or send me lovely messages. Whatever floats your boat.) Sometimes a comment can get lost to my eyes if a lot are coming in, so this is also a better way to get in contact with me.

As you’ll also see on that page, I’m available for hiring! More info is on that page, so if you’re in need of a writer or looking to give someone like me a job, you should check it out.

Thank you for your time! Regular blogging will now resume.