Post Policy Change Q&A With A Queer Mormon

How are you?

It changes a lot. Thank you for asking, though.

What are you going to do about this?

Try and remember how to breathe. Make sure I eat breakfast.

Are you staying in the church?


Really? Why?

It’s complicated.

Seriously? Because that’s kind of lame that you are.

Please go away.

Hi, I’d like to share with you this article on why the policy change is totally a good thing!

Please go away.

Oh come on. Just have a little more faith.

Faith is not the issue here. Please go away.

What should I do about this?

Please stop asking me. Please. Stop. I’m still trying to process this and I’m not in a “give advice” place. I’m not trying to be cold or ignore your pain, and know that I love you.

How do you feel about the new policy change?

That is a very long answer, and it is not one I am willing to give. To quote my newest love, Eliza¬†Schuyler from¬†Hamilton, “The world has no right to my heart… they don’t get to know what I said. Let future historians decide how [Rebecca] reacted when you broke her heart.” I know I’ve spoken on pretty much all personal aspects of my life in a very public manner, but there are some things that will stay mine.

Acceptable topics of discussion with me over the following weeks:

  • Your favorite crock pot recipes
  • The weird thing that was seen flying over the coast of California
  • The significance of Hamilton’s musical and casting choices
  • Recent filming spoilers from Once Upon A Time
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon
  • Adele
  • The Potato Challenge I’m working on at The Mars Generation
  • My brother making Nationals
  • The validity of the Jar Jar Binks theory
  • What song the Hamilton cast should perform at the Tony’s