Is This What You Always Feel?

When you walk out of a movie, is this how you feel?
When Diana’s mother refused to tell her where she came from, is that what you felt when Luke Skywalker’s uncle hid the truth of his father?
When Diana’s insubordination and determination to learn to fight was met with praise and support, is that what you felt in Top Gun when Maverick flouted every rule and was rewarded with everything he wanted?
When Diana lept from a cliff onto a tower, and scaled the face of it with nothing but her hands punching through rock, is that what you felt when Peter Parker discovered he could easily cling and crawl to the top of a building?
When Diana refused to stand by when there was a war going on, is that what you felt when Steve Rogers begged to be sent to the front?
When Diana walked through an active battlefield, swatting bullets and grenades like they were flies, is this what you feel like every time Superman is taking fire?
When Diana FLIPPED A TANK is this what you feel when the Hulk smashes everything in his path?
When Diana walked into a Gala, stunning everyone, all while having a sword at her back, is this what you feel when James Bond walks in to the party in his perfect tuxedo and Walter PPK at the ready?
When Diana rode horseback, shield and sword in hand, striking down those ahead of her like some Greek myth, is this what you feel when Thor, the Norse God of thunder does battle?
When Steve Trevor’s dying words to Diana are “You can save the world,” is this what you feel in every movie where a man is promised his destiny is something grand and greater than himself?
That perhaps your destiny is greater than yourself?

Is this what you always feel?