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Unpacking Your Testimony

Eventually who I am caught up to my faith though, and I had to answer a question I had been putting off my whole life, “What do I believe?”

5 Things to Know About My Experience As An LGBT Mormon

1. I am an LGBT Mormon. This may come as news to many, since it’s not something I’ve probably discussed with the majority of people reading this. So, I will begin this article… Continue reading

Stop Watering Down My Beliefs

This piece was written for altFem Magazine. AltFem seeks to “give voice to women who find in their religion not just spiritual solace but also strength, power, and confidence. Mainstream media coverage of women… Continue reading

Slut Shaming Eve: How the Mother of All Living Became the Mother of All Sin

“So came Eve…the last created being in the creation of the world, without whom the whole creation of the world and all that was in the world would have been in vain and… Continue reading

My Extremely Religious Uterus Would Like a Word (Round Two)

After several discussions, including one with my Ethics and Legal Issues professor, and a careful rereading of the majority opinion I have decided to change a few of my statements. While I disagree… Continue reading

Why On Earth Are You A Mormon?

  The other night, I was sitting with a friend of mine at a comedy show, waiting for it to start. We were talking about dating, and at one point I said, “Yeah,… Continue reading

The Errand of Angels is Given to Women

As the General Women’s Meeting began, I have to admit, I was much more moved than I expected. I’ve known for months of the changes, and knew as I sat down this would… Continue reading

Wanting Women to Receive the Priesthood is an Inherently Misogynistic Idea

Note: My views on this topic have evolved and changed. But I’m not deleting it. “No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men. There are two powers in… Continue reading

Master, the Tempest is Raging

I’ve recently begun volunteering at my Stake’s Addiction Recovery Program. It’s very similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, however people struggling with a wider variety of addictions come. Any substance abuse, eating disorders, whatever, they… Continue reading

Because I Thought I Needed a Third Blog.

I don’t know about you, but three blogs really does seem a bit excessive. But I feel the need to compartmentalize my life, and I just don’t see putting together a blog that… Continue reading