Me Too?

And I should push this man trying to take a picture of me off. But I just want to go home. And girls who do as their told get to go home, right?

Be A Softer Generation

You, nor humanity, will never prove itself in war, rather it will be proved when war finally stops.

Is This What You Always Feel?

When Diana swatted bullets and grenades like they were flies, is this what you feel like every time Superman is taking fire?

Just Say, “This Really Sucks.”

Sometimes someone who is more than capable of optimism is grouchy and exhausted.

The Real Reason I Hate Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes the question comes to my mind, “What choice would I make?”

The Continued American Ambition

Understand what America is: unfinished.

And This Year’s Winner For Biggest Life Plot Twist Goes To…

And you thought being a queer Mormon was as contradictory as I could get.