Because I Thought I Needed a Third Blog.

I don’t know about you, but three blogs really does seem a bit excessive. But I feel the need to compartmentalize my life, and I just don’t see putting together a blog that covers my current television, movie, and book interests, multiracial/cultural fashion, and my personal life as a good plan. So here I am, wanting to write about me, but with neither of my other blogs feeling the appropriate place to do so.

I feel little need to introduce myself, as most of the people reading this will most likely be a hodgepodge of friends from Facebook, my roommates, and possibly my grandmother. But in case you are unfamiliar with the general fantasticness that is Rebecca Moore, allow me at tell you a few things. At the age of two I was ripped away from the beautiful place that is Redondo Beach, CA for a horrifying childhood in the frozen wasteland that is Michigan, all for the purposes of my parents to get more money.* There I learned to survive on nothing but raw fish and melted snow. These days, I am living in the Land of Potatoes, aka Idaho in an attempt to get learned good. If all works out I will be graduating from BYUI with a Bachelors in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and minor in International Studies in July.

I am loud, intelligent, opinionated, caring, confident, funny, passionate, with just a touch of vanity and insecurity.  But that las one’s a secret, so don’t tell. However, there are two traits that most people think of immediately when hearing about me, and those are the fact that I stand at a rather impressive 6′, and that I’m a Mormon. Like a really Mormon-y Mormon. Once in high school I was asked if this was irksome to me to be defined by my religion. I can say to that the same now as then, which is no. No, I do not mind one bit. It is a privilege.

This will be a place where I will write about literally whatever I feel like talking about. It will most likely be a chronicle though, of my life, including school, friends, romance (don’t hold your breath for too much of that), work, and my general opinions on life. I hope you enjoy your time here, and that you smile at my general ridiculousness.

*There is a slight possibility that the terribleness of Michigan has been exaggerated, as has the greed of my lovely parental units. Our move was actually so they could start a larger family.