Want to Talk to NASA?

If you could ask NASA a question what would it be?


On Monday, October 27th, NASA will be launching the Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket at 6:45 p.m. The rocket is heading to the International Space Station with 5,000 pounds of supplies including science experiments, experiment hardware, spare parts, and crew provisions. The Orbital-3 mission is Orbital Sciences’ third contracted cargo delivery flight to the space station for NASA.

In addition to traditional news outlets, NASA has selected some people from the social media world to come and cover the launch. I applied to be one and… I GOT ACCEPTED! I am very excited about this, and will be spending Sunday and Monday at the NASA visitors center and Wallops Flight Facility getting to go to press briefings, tours, and of course, watching the launch.

I’ll be able to ask questions at some of the press conferences, and I’ve asked if I can bring questions from people who follow my blog (or other social media accounts) and I can!

So, if you could talk to NASA, what would you want to ask? If you go here, you can learn lots more about this specific mission, or you can just ask a question in general, like “What are NASA’s long term goals with manned missions?” or “What are the biggest obstacles you face right in the space program?”

If you have a question, submit it in the comments below, and make sure you are following me on Twitter! I’ll be updating it during the two days in addition to a full article I’ll write after the launch that will be published here on the blog.