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What started as a blog that would be about my life, and more importantly, a public outlet for my love of writing, has turned into more of a hub for opinion articles. They range form topics on intersectional feminism to space exploration. They may not seem to have a common theme, but they do. They are all about things that I believe, in one way or another, will make the world a better place. I would have never expected the surge in popularity and viewership, but here we are. I will always strive to provide you with well thought out, and well researched topics. The writing will seek to be intelligent and accessible at the same time.

We should work to use the tools at our fingertips to make change. I encourage all of you to not only engage in dialogue here and in other places on the internet, but in the real world. Vote! Volunteer! Do whatever you can to be an active part of your community, and strive to leave a better world behind.

I currently can be found at Blithe & Bonnie, where I am a regular news contributor, and The Mars Generation, where I do occasional public relations work.

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