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Meet Disney’s Newest Villian: Modern Racism

If you are happily planning on voting for Donald Trump this year, this movie will royally piss you off.

Stop Watering Down My Beliefs

This piece was written for altFem Magazine. AltFem seeks to “give voice to women who find in their religion not just spiritual solace but also strength, power, and confidence.┬áMainstream media coverage of women… Continue reading

Breaking News: Women Now Being Thought of as Human Beings Could Harm Society

Yes, the fall of the human race as we know it can all be attributed to one thing: FEMINISM. This evil school of thought has plagued our society, bringing about such horrible consequences… Continue reading

My Extremely Religious Uterus Would Like a Word (Round Two)

After several discussions, including one with my Ethics and Legal Issues professor, and a careful rereading of the majority opinion I have decided to change a few of my statements. While I disagree… Continue reading

University Study on Sexism In BBC’s Doctor Who (Infographic)

In April 2014, I completed a study, with several other students, for my Media Research Methods class, which we then entered into BYU-Idaho’s Research and Creative Works Conference. My group’s research took second… Continue reading

Wanting Women to Receive the Priesthood is an Inherently Misogynistic Idea

Note: My views on this topic have evolved and changed. But I’m not deleting it. “No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men. There are two powers in… Continue reading

I’m a Danged Liberal Hippie

Well… Third Wave Intersectional Feminist Pacifist would be a better description of my opinions on the world we live in, but that really is a mouthful. Today I wanted to talk about that… Continue reading